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Existence of Vampire Squids

Areviews App CollaboratorJan 5, '20

the “vampire squid from Hell” is likely one of the coolest denizens of the deep. At one-foot long (You thought it was bigger didn’t you?) the fire-y colored invertebrates are also completely covered in light-producing photophores. 

How many species are in the sea

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This would mean that in many areas of the ocean, the rate of new species added per square kilometer is probably much less than what they found in their sampling area.   So, they ended up conservatively estimating the true number at more like 10,000,000 species in the mud. This is still a huge amount of diversity in the deep sea.

Turtle Symbolism Jewelry Gift

Areviews App CollaboratorOct 20, '19

Over 70% of the World's surface is sea. About 97% of the World's water is in those seas. In Ireland, we are encompassed by the ocean. The Atlantic Sea is to our west, 

Tangled Mother Humpback Whale Needs Help

Areviews App CollaboratorSep 29, '19

While fishing around the island of Tonga we discovered a tangled mother humpback whale with a calf. We hopped in the water to help but had a hard time getting close. We were determined to help this whale, hearing an animal of that