Our Story

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We are a group of close friends and family members who grew up in the coastal region of South Florida. Whether its boating, kayaking, fishing, surfing, diving or just swimming out and about, our group has spent a majority of our lives submersed in the beaches and waters of the Atlantic Ocean or along the Gulf Coast, enjoying what nature has to offer and mingling with the local marine life.

We learned from an early age the importance of this magnificent ecosystem and have spent countless hours through the years as volunteers with local organizations to help conserve, protect and restore coastal beaches and marine habitat for future generations to experience and enjoy.  


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The practical knowledge we've gained interacting with marine biologists and researchers from all over the world, combined with our personal diving experiences as avid scuba divers (PADI), has afforded us first hand knowledge of the dire consequences facing sea life and their habitat, especially at the hands of man!

In the video below, you can see an example of a sea turtle with a fishing line tangled around it. 

We have participated in various fundraising projects the past several years for ocean causes, but recently decided that having an online store and social media presence would provide us the fastest and most optimal means to generate funds and raise awareness in hopes of eventually transitioning into a non-profit, 501c3 organization and leaving our corporate jobs when we retire. 

That way, we can focus full-time in support of ocean causes and prioritize those activities that we are most passionate about like the protection of endangered sea life at risk of extinction (i.e. sea turtles, blue whales, bluefin tuna, some species of marine mammals and birds) and helping to reduce the deterioration of the Coral Reefs.

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The importance of the coral reefs cannot be overstated. Not only are coral reef ecosystems biologically rich and a source of natural beauty, they provide countless services to the coastal communities they support. ... Coral reefs help to protect coastal communities from storm surges and erosion from waves, both of which are likely to increase in the face of sea-level rise.

Coral reefs are dying around the world. Damaging activities include coral mining, pollution (organic and non-organic), over-fishing, blast fishing, the digging of canals and access into islands and bays. ... Climate change, such as warming temperatures, causes severe bleaching which kills the coral.

The health of an underwater ecosystem is also maintained by its plants and animals. When species become endangered, it is a sign of an ecosystem's imbalance. This balance is difficult to maintain: the loss of one species often triggers the loss of others. ... By saving endangered specieswe are ultimately protecting all animals on this planet.

Our MISSION is to sell jewelry and apparel on this site to generate funds and donate ALL PROCEEDS (net of operating expenses) to various "Save the Ocean" organizations whose cause we support. None of us are paid a salary and this venture is a way to give back, promote ocean conservation and support marine life. There are significant eCommerce business operations and advertising limitations incorporated as a non-profit so we are currently operating as a dotcom until we can financially sustain the organization. For example, when one has a small online store, one has to invest a large percentage of income towards marketing and advertising to drive store web traffic and sales. A non-profit would be limited to spending a very small fraction of revenue raised. 

We thank you for your supporting us and the charities we help through the purchase of our products. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to learn about our products, see pictures and videos of "save the ocean" volunteer events we participate in throughout the year and find out ways you can help even if you are across the world away!