Save Sea Turtles Jewelry | Blue Fire Opal Turtle Ring

$16.08 $24.03

If you love all things turtles, then this cute turtle ring is for you! You really want this ring...It is so unique, eye-catching, and SASSY! This cute turtle stone adjustable ring takes your accessory collection to the next level and helps you set a higher standard for yourself.

Because turtles are a symbol of life and mysticism, people around you will start feeling attracted towards you! They can't help but notice your beautiful necklace and appreciate its beauty.

These pieces of jewelry will help you be the center of attention in your circle. It will make heads turn!  You're going to love this unique jewelry for yourself or as a gift for the special person in your life! 🐢  

Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
Gender: Women
Material: Metal
Surface Width: 2mm
Setting Type: Bezel Setting