Sterling Silver Ocean Jewelry | Blue Crab Stud Earrings

$19.49 $27.44

The crab is a creature of the shoreline, occupying both the land and the sea, but connected to neither completely. The crab emerges where the waves pull back from the sand, scuttling out of holes, approaching its existence with its side winding gait.

The crab is tenacious—occupying two worlds at once—and it has the power to regenerate. It is a powerful symbol of the ocean as well as a constellation of stars in the night sky. Invoking the crab is beneficial for those who are in transition, and looking for a way of navigating life’s varied and ever-changing elements. The crab reminds us to yield, that we can be more than one thing in a lifetime.

These earrings are sure to fix your crabby mood, they might even help you out of your shell.

Earring Type: Save the Ocean Jewelry
Material: Cubic Zirconia, 925 Sterling Silver
Gender: Women
Feature: Cute Blue Crab Stud Earrings